All forms of property development, albeit particularly residential, face financial viability issues relating to; planning, funding and wider economics.

James R Brown & Company Ltd (“JRBC”) provide a bespoke service to address these financial viability issues in a planning context.

In other words, we help ensure that new planning consents are financially viable and/or that existing un-viable consents are made viable. This involves appropriate approaches to affordable housing provisions.

This is achieved by submitting (or reviewing) viability reports (a.k.a. Toolkits) at planning application stage. We focus on producing (or reviewing) these reports.

However, it also involves early scheme input to ensure that all uses and the interaction between uses is optimised in terms of; design, mix of uses, residential mix and residential tenure mix.

 Core Viability & Affordable Housing Services:-

  • Optimising development concepts.
  • Section 106 affordable housing (on-site, off-site or commuted sums).
  • Mayoral Community Infrastructure Levy (“CIL”) – London.
  • CIL.
  • Section 106 costs and opportunities.
  • Mix of property uses and cohesion thereof.
  • Residential mix and unit layouts.
  • Specification.
  • Value of affordable housing.
  • Section 106 review mechanisms.
  • New forms of affordable housing.
  • Combinations of some or all of the above.

Related Services

  • Pre-purchase land acquisition advice (e.g. prediction of affordable housing obligation etc).
  • De-risking via forward sales and lettings.
  • Valuation.
  • Selling/acquiring affordable housing.